The Joshua and Caleb Report Season 3

Episode No. 7: Roads and Patriarchs

Highway 60

Samaria, Israel

Join Luke Hilton and Caleb Waller as they explore the ancient road of the patriarchs now known as Highway 60. Highway 60 runs from north to south through Israel and passes through some of the most notable biblical sights including: Shiloh, Bethel, Elon Moreh, Jerusalem, and Hebron.

Episode No. 6: Joseph's Tomb

Aaron Lipkin

Shechem - Samaria, Israel

Joseph's Tomb is in the heart of the Biblical city of Shechem, which today is the largest Arab city in Israel with the modern name of Nablus. Even though Joseph's Tomb is a recognized historical, biblical, and archaeological site, Jewish people are only allowed to visit once a month, in the middle of the night, under the escort of the Israeli military. In this out of the box and eye opening episode, join Caleb and Luke, with special guest Aaron Lipkin, as they join hundreds of other people in visiting this important place in biblical ancestry. This story will connect you to the very roots of your faith, as well as give you an inside and untold view of the heartland of Israel.

Episode No. 5: Silwan - An Old Yemenite Village

Daniel Luria

Silwan - Jerusalem, Israel

Daniel Luria is part of an organization called Ateret Cohanim, which, among other things, works to reestablish Jewish families in areas where they were dispersed from years ago. One of these places is Silwan, a mostly Arab town that sits just below the City of David in Jerusalem, whose biblical name is Shiloach. Travel with us to the old village of Shiloach, where Yemenite Jews lived from 1882, until they were evicted in 1937 by the British. Rediscover an ancient synagogue, meet the brave children at the "country club", discover history that dates back more than 100 years, and finish with living history on a rooftop overlooking the City of David, the Old City, and the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. To find out more information about Ateret Cohanim visit,

Episode No. 4: Why Jerusalem?

Ari Abramowitz

The Old City - Jerusalem, Israel

In this next episode of the Joshua and Caleb Report, you will hear from a man that has lived and breathed Jerusalem for many years. What does Jerusalem mean for the Jewish people? Should our house be built when God's House lies in ruins? Do the nations have a place to worship in the restored Temple? These questions and more will be answered by Ari Abramowitz as you walk through the streets of Jerusalem with him, finishing on a rooftop overlooking the Temple Mount as he issues a call for the nations.

Episode No. 3: Paratrooper Brigade, 1967

Shlomo Kashi

The Old City - Jerusalem, Israel

Shlomo was one of the paratroopers that were the first to enter the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967. His brigade were the ones to liberate the Temple Mount and Western Wall in the famous war that returned Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to Israel. This is an incredible story that has never been told - until now. You will be with Shlomo as he walks through Lion's Gate, which he has not entered in almost 39 years, and in places in Jerusalem that he has never been. Relive the moment when he called his father to tell him that they had liberated the Temple Mount and Kotel. Feel the emotion with Shlomo as he steps back in time to the War of 1967.

Episode No. 2: Code Name "Elnakam"

Ezra Yakhin

Jerusalem, Israel

Ezra Yakhin is 88 years old, a legend and hero in Israel, and the oldest serving member in the IDF Reserves. He joined the underground resistance movement in 1948 while still a teenager, and participated in the liberation of the Jewish state during the War of Independence. He has so many miracle stories that have happened to him, it is clear that the hand of God has been on his life. As Ezra puts it at the end of the episode, "I shall live, and not die, and declare the works of the LORD" (quote from Psalm 118).

Episode No. 1: The Heartland Wineries

Heartland Wineries

Samaria, Israel

Come along for a fun and exciting tour with Luke Hilton and Caleb Waller as they visit the wineries nestled amongst the hills of the Shomron Mountains that run through the heart of the land of Israel. Each winery has its own unique architecture, style and taste - and they each have a captivating story to tell! Be prepared for beautiful landscapes and boutique wineries, as you explore the viticulture, both ancient and modern, of the heartland of Israel.