The Joshua and Caleb Report Season 4

Episode No. 8: Unearthed - The Discovery of Joshua's Altar

Aaron Lipkin

Mount Ebal - Samaria, Israel

Joshua and Caleb Waller are back with tour guide Aaron Lipkin for this final episode of The Joshua & Caleb Report - Season 4. Accompanied by an Israeli Defense Force escort, they venture up the mountainside of Mount Ebal (the Mount of Cursing). They have come to explore a groundbreaking archaeological discovery that has been unearthed in recent years - the stone altar that Joshua and the children of Israel built when they first entered the Promised Land over 3,200 years ago. On their trek up to the altar, Aaron shares the incredible story of Adam Zertal, an atheistic professor who led the excavation project and, because of his findings, came to believe in God. Joshua's altar is now a key site both biblically and historically, and its discovery stands as an undeniable claim for the Jewish people to the heartland of this country.

Episode No. 7: "Mud on the Mountain" Pottery

Baruch & Batya Erdstein

Itamar - Samaria, Israel

Join Joshua and Caleb Waller in the mountains of central Israel as they spend the day with Baruch & Batya Erdstein, a pioneering couple living in the community of Itamar in Samaria, Israel. Once world travelers, Baruch and Batya now call Israel home and are raising a family in the small, hilltop community right where their ancestors lived 3,000 years ago. They own a pottery shop called “Botz Ha’har” (translation is “Mud on the Mountain”) where Batya fashions stunning handcrafted ceramic dishes and decorations that each incorporate the unparalleled beauty, ancient history and miraculous story of the Land of Israel. Don’t miss this episode - you’ll love it! Batya’s ceramics are available for purchase online and can be shipped right to you! Go to to start shopping.

Episode No. 6: Christians & Jews

Sondra Baras

Karnei Shomron - Samaria, Israel

Sondra recounts her personal story of how she came to Israel between high school and college to study in Jerusalem and soon found herself a part of the settlement movement working to expand army camps, start communities and build houses. In the years following, she began to travel the world as an advocate for Judea and Samaria, connecting with Christians and realizing that many people from the nations are excited to support the restoration of the land in any way they can.

Episode No. 5: Joshua and Caleb's Tombs

Ari Abramowitz

Timnat-heres - Samaria, Israel

Join Joshua and Caleb Waller, along with Rabbi Ari Abramowitz, as they visit a little known Arab village in the heart of Samaria at 1:00 AM. They are searching for the graves of their namesakes, and more importantly, the message that the great men buried there once lived. Is that message still alive today? Were the Joshua and Caleb of the bible the first Israeli Settlers? Come along for this exciting, and out of the ordinary episode as Joshua and Caleb visit the tombs of the renowned heroes of our faith who gave the good report of the land of Israel to their brethren.

Episode No. 4: A Jew in Judea

Michael Lourie

Pnei Kedem - Judea, Israel

Travel with Joshua and Caleb to the beautiful hill country of Judea and spend the day with Michael Lourie, founder of the community of Pnei Kedem. Originally from Australia, Michael came to Israel over 20 years ago and served as a paratrooper in the Israeli Army. Since then, he has devoted his life to building up the heartland of Israel and bringing biblical prophecy to life. Besides establishing a new a community on the mountains of Israel, Michael is also involved in the agricultural restoration of the land as an organic farmer. Join us for this episode to tour the community of Pnei Kedem as well as visit Michael’s farm and hear the miraculous story of how these vineyards and olive groves are thriving today!

Episode No. 3: A True Zionist

Ben Goldstein

Gush Etzion - Judea, Israel

Fighter, businessman, husband and father, Ben Goldstein is a true Zionist, living in the hills of Judea. Originally from Memphis, TN, his life's mission today is to protect others. Those from his community know him as the "one man army". He can be seen all hours of the day and night, patrolling the streets and hills of Gush Etzion in his "Tom" car, lighting up the night, and keeping others safe.

Episode No. 2: Treasures Unearthed Part 2


City of David - Jerusalem, Israel

AnaRina is the director for The Jerusalem Watch, an organization that connects individuals around the world with the archaeological excavations happening in the City of David and provides a way for them to get involved with the rebuilding of Jerusalem. In this episode, venture with Joshua, Caleb and AnaRina as they walk along the ancient three thousand-year-old walls of Jerusalem, go deep underground, and learn the treasures of Biblical history as they navigate through tunnels and passageways.

Episode No. 1: Treasures Unearthed Part 1


City of David - Jerusalem, Israel

In this first episode, meet AnaRina Heymann, the Director for Jerusalem Watch, an organization that works with the City of David, bringing individuals from around the world to take part in the restoration and rebuilding of Jerusalem through becoming "watchmen on the walls." Her ability to live and breathe in Jerusalem on a daily basis makes AnaRina, in her own words, "the luckiest girl in the world." Originally from South Africa, she worked for the Jewish Agency in the Aliyah Department, helping people move to Israel, until she couldn't stand it any longer and made aliyah herself. Not long after coming to Israel, she stumbled upon the ancient City of David and found not only a lifelong passion in archaeology, but a calling to actively participate in bringing the prophecies of the Bible to life.