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Israel, Where Miraculous Is Life!

Join HaYovel's harvest teams as they experience the incredible redemption happening in the land of Israel from the beautiful vineyards of Shiloh.

A Dream for the Future

Harvest is finally here! Join HaYovel's staff team in the beautiful fields of Kerem Aviah, Israel. Not only will they be harvesting the abundant yield of stunning grapes, but they'll also be sharing the true reason they are so excited to be living in these prophetic days.

Are You Tired of Prophecy?

The words of Isaiah and Jeremiah are coming to life on the mountains of … wait, haven’t we talked about prophecy enough? Is anything new really happening? Watch this video and hear the 4-word message about Israel that this group of people will be taking to nations all across the world in the next few weeks.

Their Stories – 2016 Volunteers

Hear testimonies form some of our incredible volunteers of Harvest 2016!

Planting Life On The Mountains Of Samaria!

Get a firsthand glimpse as prophecy is fulfilled with the planting of these fresh young vines on the mountains of Samaria!

Just Picking Grapes

Connect with the reality of the Bible through the “menial task” of harvesting grapes on the mountains of Samaria!

Candid Thoughts from the Vineyard

Enjoy our newest update straight from the lips of our harvesters. Hear exciting testimonies about the bountiful 2015 shmita harvest.

How to Harvest Grapes

Here is a basic overview about how grapes are harvested for wine making. These grapes are being harvested on the Mountains of Samaria in Israel.

Harvest Update 2015

Harvest 2015 has officially begun! Enjoy our first update about the grape and olive harvest on the Mountains of Samaria in the Heartland of Israel!

Harvest Update 2013

An inspiring harvest report from the team in the vineyards.

You Shall Yet Plant Vines

We were blessed to participate in fulfilling Jeremiah 31:5-6 yet again as we wrapped up the harvest this year.

The Train Method!

One of the secrets to HaYovel's effective harvesting.....breaking yet another record this year!

A Day in the Harvest

This video shows what an average day during the grape harvest is like!