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Into the Unknown

It’s a God-given calling to be a man of strength. Not just physically - but mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Have you answered the call? Are you willing to lock arms with fellow men and join HaYovel in pruning prophetic vines on the mountains of Samaria? Are you ready to step into your unknown?  

How to Prune a Grape Vine

In this update, the first team of pruners for the 2018 season are hard at work in Psagot, cutting back the vines to prepare them to produce beautiful fruit for this year's harvest. Can you find any spiritual applications from the pruning season? (hint: John 15)    

“More Than I Bargained For…” – Pruning 2017

Join some of our incredible volunteers as they relive some of the highlights of this year's pruning experience on the mountains of Samaria.

Pruning 2016 Update

The men on the ground in Israel for the pruning have a word to share!

Memories from the Pruning

Men from all over the world describe their experiences while with HaYovel during the 2014 pruning trip.