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When Ordinary Meets Extraordinary?!

After spending ten days touring the Holy Land, Wyatt should feel a strong connection to Israel. But instead, he is confused. What do the blur of walking tours and ancient ruins have to do with his current spiritual walk at home?  Join Wyatt as he discovers himself, and what he really experienced in the land of the Bible, a land where extraordinary miracles are constantly happening in the most ordinary ways

UN or the Bible? Simple Answers to Jerusalem’s Complicated Questions

When a left-wing news team arrives in Jerusalem to make a “juicy story”, they dive head first into some of the most complicated questions of our time. Are there answers?

Why Care About Israel?

Wyatt is a young, average American Christian. He is curious about his friend's obsession with Israel, and is bold enough to ask him why. Join Wyatt on a journey as he receives an education about G-d's heart for Israel and the Jewish people.

BDS or the Bible!

Wyatt is a young, average American Christian. When one day he learns about the ‘Palestinians’ plight and the BDS movement, he decides to take drastic action.