Bear, Badger, and a Blossoming Forest in Israel’s Heartland

Bear and Badger were still only seven months old, and they needed a lot of care and training. They had to learn that this was their territory. Their job was to protect the trees from deer, foxes, and other animals, in addition to anything else that could harm them. On Wednesday, Mack and Tessa did...
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The Confusing Complexity of Sovereignty

If you’re an Israel lover and support Israel’s right to the biblical heartland (FKA* West Bank), then you may be just as confused as I am when it comes to the issue of sovereignty or annexation.  Here’s the real question: is sovereignty in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria good or bad for Israel? If you consider...
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The Connections Between Esther, Haman, Israel and Iran

In short:  Purim was celebrated in Israel this week. A Jewish boy was critically injured by a rock thrown by Arabs. There are connections between history and the story of Purim. Iran’s leaders have been hit by Coronavirus, and the country has been swarmed by locusts.  In Long: Israel just finished celebrating the holiday of...
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Will You Work in Your Father’s Vineyard?

Since I first set foot in Israel in May 2004, there has been what felt like an all-out assault on my faith. In reality, as I think back, the war actually began when I found a Passover Haggadah in a homeschooling catalog in 1995 and ordered it. And so, for no apparent reason, we gathered...
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