Positive News

Wondering What You Have to be Thankful for this Thanksgiving?

If you think that 2020 has left you with nothing to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, I would like you to take a step back. If we wear the correct glasses, I believe there is much beauty from 2020 that can be seen.  I’ll be the first to admit, this year has not registered in...
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Long After The Next U.S. President, These Trees Will Be a Forest in Israel

In the midst of American political craziness, planting trees in Israel should give us hope. Israeli citizens are nearly as much interested in the outcome of the 2020 presidential elections as Americans. For years, Israel’s policies have been greatly influenced by who sits in the White House. After eight years of Obama, Israelis are grateful...
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Jerusalem Day 2020

When the smoke from Israel’s war of independence cleared in 1948, there was no doubt about the miraculous outcome. Against all odds, Israel had not only survived, but managed to declare and establish their own state! Who would have thought? Of course the prophet Isaiah knew, when he said:  “Who has heard such a thing?...
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The Elusive Unity Government & Conditional Sovereignty

Two controversial issues in Israel have dragged on for months now. One of them has constant international attention, and world leaders on both sides of the political spectrum have been free in their support or criticism. The other issue has dragged Israel through three election cycles in less than one year and is threatening to...
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4 Reasons Why Christians Should Support the West Bank

Should Christians support the right of the Jews to live in and settle Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria, sometimes incorrectly known as “The West Bank”? Among the Christians that are familiar with what should more correctly be titled “Israel’s Biblical Heartland,” I would venture to say that more than 50% are against Jewish settlement there, and...
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