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Should We Replace Replacement Theology?

I want to thank a good friend , whose email inspired this article. HaYovel often discusses replacement theology. Replacement theology gets defined obliquely (and mostly implicitly) in a few of HaYovel’s published resources, but as of now we do not have a single, concise resource to point to which defines and explains the term. In...
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Is the Biden Administration Emboldening those Who Hate Israel?

On Tuesday, the student government of the University of California, Irvine passed pro BDS legislation aimed at divesting from any companies that work with Israel, calling it “divestment from apartheid,” according to the Jpost. The legislation was the first troubling sign that the BDS movement is gearing up to gain new ground under a Biden administration...
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Palestinians emboldened by the new US administration

Israel has experienced an increase in terrorist attacks since the US elections took place in November. It is clear that the Palestinians are becoming emboldened by the liberal-leaning administration that has just been sworn into office in the United States.  This week, a Jewish Israeli man wandered too close to a small Palestinian village in...
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You Can Make a Difference

If you’re discouraged, tired, or confused by the current events in our world, we have a message of hope for you. Zac Waller, the Executive Director of HaYovel, provides encouragement and inspiration during these times, as well as a plan of action for moving forward.  Things will most certainly look very different for Israel when...
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One Day – Someday, It will all turn around!

Luke asked me at the beginning of this week if it would be possible for me to write something about the attack on the U.S. Capitol. I immediately responded, yes, of course. Like most of you, I felt a deep sense of sadness, anger, and shock. What could I say? I had no words.  Just...
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